A Look Inside the New, Complete Retelling of Game of Thrones’ Epic Journey

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The war for Westeros has been won, and regardless of how you feel about how it all played out, Game of Thrones is over. If you want to reminisce about the show without spending a gabillion hours doing a rewatch, io9 has an exclusive look inside a gorgeous new book that will let you do just that.

Being published by Chronicle Books this month, Myles McNutt’s Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond, The Complete Series looks back on all eight seasons of the show to present a detailed re-examination of the events, character arcs, and relationships that waxed and waned as we went from Ned Stark’s uneasy promotion to Hand of the King, all the way to Daenerys Targaryen’s ill-fated siege of King’s Landing.

As well as infographics covering everything you need to know about Dany’s dragons, key battles in the War of the Five Kings, or even Arya’s globetrotting journey across the show, A Guide to Westeros and Beyond also includes essays examining key character relationships and arcs as they developed over the show. Check out a few snippets of those essays and infographics below in this set of spreads from the book, making their debut here on io9!

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Watch GOT HD QUALITY on HBO NOW in 1 month for FREE!

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