Drogon presents a glaring plot hole with Daenerys’ death in Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones fans have noticed another plot hole in the season eight finale and it’s not looking good for the show’s writers.

Ever since the highly anticipated final season aired, disappointed fans have spotted some pretty major issues with the show’s plot, writing and the ending for many of the characters.

But after Jon Snow dramatically stabbed his aunt/girlfriend Daenerys Targaryen, Reddit user saminstark asked a pretty fair question: why didn’t Drogon avenge the Mother of Dragon’s death?

‘In hindsight, it seems pretty…weird to think that just killing Daenerys would end the potential threat that Drogon still poses,’ the fan wrote.

‘Drogon can burn cities to ash, with or without Dany’s help – there’s no reason to think otherwise.

‘There was literally nothing and no one stopping Drogon from torching every other city in Westeros or outside – the scorpions were all gone, and there’s no reason to assume other cities can just make their own in time before they get wrecked.’

Daenerys Drogon Jon Snow

Surely Drogon would’ve avenged his Daenerys? (Picture: HBO)

They continued: ‘Secondly, I still find it weird that Drogon just let Jon go instead of incinerating him on the spot. We know from the Dance of Dragons and other historical events that dragons are perfectly capable of killing Targaryens.

‘Even if Drogon intended to screw off back to Essos instead of just burning random cities down in purposeless rage, there was no reason for him to not kill Jon when he had no problem killing complete innocents who at least didn’t harm Daenerys at all.’

God, those are some annoyingly good points, made all the more frustrating by the fact that we’ll never know the answer.

Conversations around Game of Thrones’ controversial final season have been non-stop ever since it began in April; so much so, that a petition demanding that the eighth instalment be remade with ‘competent writers’ has been signed more than 1.7 million times. Ouch…

Last week, Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall, who created the pivotal episodes Blackwater and The Watchers on the Wall, told Metro.co.uk that even he would’ve liked to have seen the show end a little differently.

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