Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Leak Script

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Leak (Script) – GOT S08E04 Leak

Game of Thrones Season 7 is still in progress, but supposed leaks for Game of Thrones Season 8 are already popping up. In this post we are going to take a look at Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 leak. We know for sure that Game of Thrones Season 8 has already been written, and passed on to the producers. What we do not know is if these leaked scripts are true or not. They could be a collection of fan theories, or they could be the real thing. Take these with a shot of tequila and some salt.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Leak (Script) – GOT S08E04 Leak


Posting the links to verify the authenticity of these leaks over at freefolk will not be fruitful as no one knows if the leaks are true or fan fiction. Probability of these being fan fiction is very high. We therefore request you to not spam freefolk with asking them to verify these leaks. Some important links from freefolk:-

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Leak (Script) – GOT S08E04 Leak

Originally, Howland died during Episode 2 but the writers chose to include Greywater Watch Later on.

Scene 1 – King’s Landing

Cersei speaks with Qyburn, Euron and the three Commanders of the Golden Company. Qyburn informs them that Daenerys and Jon have been splitting up their army and that Jaime is currently with Jon and Edmure in Riverrun, probably awaiting an attack from the Night King. Pyke has been taken again by Theon Greyjoy and Jon’s army, which visibly angers Euron. Daenerys traveled back to Dragonstone. Cersei laughs and tells the rest she hopes the Night King devours their army soon enough. They shouldn’t wait too long and have the Golden Company attack Dragonstone since Daenerys’s army is reduced remarkably. Euron Greyjoy is watching the Iron Throne when Cersei joins him in the Throne Room. She asks Euron why he doesn’t attack Pyke, since his nephew has taken it from him. Euron initially thinks it’s a stupid idea to go North now, but Cersei convinces him to learn them another lesson. Euron decides to take his fleet and travels to Pyke.

Cersei and Qyburn are watching from above how Euron leaves. Qyburn asks Cersei if it is smart to have their most important ally travel so far North at the moment. Cersei tells Qyburn she hopes her enemies deal with Euron Greyjoy and that he never returns to King’s Landing.

Scene 2

Daenerys, Sam, Gilly, Varys and Missandei have returned to Dragonstone. Varys reports to Daenerys that Cersei has hired the Golden Company and that Euron’s ships has been seen leaving King’s Landing. They could attack her any moment, now that her forces are weakened. Daenerys agrees and hopes that Jon and Co. finishes the Night King’s army as soon as possible. When Daenerys takes a bath, Missandei remarks that she’s visibly pregnant right by now. Daenerys asks Missandei how she deals with Grey Worm’s death, at which Missandei responds that she’s missing him every day. Missandei asks Daenerys whether she misses Jon. Daenerys says she does. Next scene is Samwell with Gilly and Little Sam. Samwell wants Gilly to travel to Horn Hill with Little Sam. They aren’t safe in Dragonstone with enemies from all sides. Gilly reminds Sam that he promised her not to leave them, but Sam insists that they must. They’ll be safe with his mother and sister. He promises that he’ll fight for them.

Scene 3

Jaime, Jon, Bronn, Tyrion, Jorah and Edmure are already in Riverrun. Jon mentions that the Army of the Dead has been seen reaching the Twins. They will be upon them soon and tells them they should take their armies to the Eyrie immediately. Tyrion takes the time to ask Jaime about Cersei and why he chosen to leave her. Jaime tells Tyrion that Cersei will never find peace after the deaths of their children and chose to betray everybody during the Dragonpit by hiring the Golden Company. Their relationship fully consumed him. Tyrion reminds the rest that Daenerys isn’t safe in Dragonstone, now that Cersei has an army of thousands of sellswords behind her back. She could attack Dragonstone any moment from now. Jorah think his place should be with his queen now as he promised to protect her at any cost. Jon seems to agree and lets him go.

Jon sends word to his sister, Sansa, to inform her that the Army of the Dead will reach the Vale soon and that their army is marching to the Vale now.

Scene 4

Cersei stands with the commanders of the Golden Company on the giant map of Westeros. She instructs the commanders to take their men to Dragonstone with Euron’s remaining ships and to capture Daenerys Targaryen. She can’t wait to kill the foreign whore herself. The commanders leave and obey her orders.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Leak (Script) – GOT S08E04 Leak

Scene 5

Sansa receives word from Jon Snow and orders the Lords of the Vale that they should prepare now. She convinces Robin Arryn to have Lord Royce lead the Knights of the Vale. Robin tells Sansa he intends to fight with them. Sansa answers Robin that it’s not a good idea and that he should be kept safe. Robin laughs and tells Sansa that he’s not a girl, unlike Sansa. Gendry and Sansa have a conversation as Well. Sansa asks how Gendry came to meet Arya, but he tells Sansa that the story is too long to tell. The two seem to get well along and Sansa thanks him for fighting with them.

Scene 6

Missandei receives a visitor in Dragonstone. She first asks after Jon Snow, but is happy to meet Daenerys as well. It seems to be old Melisandre who comes to bring them important news. Old Melisandre tells them that a great last sacrifice should be made if they want to win the war and that it requires true king’s blood. Old Melisandre points at Daenerys’s baby. Daenerys is furious at the old lady and sends her away immediately. Before Old Melisandre leaves, Varys talks with her outside. Melisandre makes her identity known, which has Varys shocked. She tells Varys that he should remember what the voice said in the flames. He should be the one to save the common people from the doom. She asks Varys to fulfill the prophecy and save Westeros. Varys can’t utter a word. Melisandre leaves Dragonstone and the series.

Scene 7 – Pyke

Theon Greyjoy is sitting on his father’s chair when his men come to tell him that Euron Greyjoy has arrived in Pyke as well. Euron speaks with Theon outside. He has Yara with him and tells Theon that he should give up Pyke already or he’ll slit his sister’s throat in front of him. Theon is starting to notice that it’s getting a lot colder and he can see his breath. He tells Euron that they are coming for them, but Euron doesn’t understand at first. Men start to scream and Wights start invading Pyke. Yara takes adventage of the moment and kicks Euron. Theon implores Yara to escape to Dragonstone. Yara wants Theon to come With her, but tells her he Won’t fail her another time. Yara Wants Theon to come With her, but tells her he won’t fail her another time. She escapes on a small ship with a few loyal men. Theon fights Euron himself. Ironborn and Northmen fight the wights, while Euron battles Theon. Euron gets the upper-hand and swings his axe Theon right in Theon’s body. Theon dies immediately, Euron laughs. Euron implores his men to leave Pyke with the boats. A lot of his men have died, but Euron manages to escape.

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