Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Jon Snow’s fate revealed in HUGE clue you missed?

Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), who witnesses Jon’s birth in a vision, says: “He’s never been a bastard. He’s the heir to the Iron Throne.”

This revelation does make the sex scene between Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon very disturbing indeed.

However, it does mean that Jon has the most legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, as Bran says.

This was revealed to the viewers in the finale of season seven. However, an eagle-eyed fan has found out that the writers had left hints to Jon’s real parentage in the very first season.

A Reddit user spotted this when rewatching the series.

Game of throne jon snow kit Harrington HBO

Jon Snow in Game of thrones

“In S1 E2, just before Ned leaves for King’s Landing, Catelyn says to Ned, ’17 years ago, you rode off with Robert Barratheon.

“You came back a year later with another woman’s son…,’” wrote rowdyjustice.

They continued: “Later, in the same episode, while Robert and Ned are having a meal on the King’s Road, Robert half-jokingly suggests to Ned that the two of them should abandon the caravan and roam the King’s Road together, ‘swords at [our] sides, couple of tavern wenches to warm [our] beds tonight.’”

“Ned responds, ‘If you would have asked me twenty years ago…,'” they finish.

The user then goes on to theorise that Ned is suggesting that by the time he left for Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, he was completely faithful to his wife, Catelyn (Michelle Fairley).

Game of thrones jon snowHBO

Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow coming back from the dead

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